• Within the defiant halo of an embrace, there can exist a tenderness so powerful and so vital it overwhelms the violence that surrounds us. This violence is embedded in our society and targets every coded marker of Otherness we possess.

    I hope through the process of drawing, recreating, rendering, and re-experiencing that my images can bridge the gap between viewer and subject and create a moment of empathy between them. I am trying to record the experience of love fraught with it's tenderness and concerns, and embody it in marks sometimes delicate and sometimes forceful. Whether forming gossamer overlays in graphite's shimmer or bony carapaces protruding from inky printed blacks, the act of drawing connects an interior with it's exterior, my sentiments with my subjects.

    My subjects are my own body and those of my intimates within the space of their daily lives. Sometimes confronted in the life size presence of a large scale print, the back of a figure cutting their own hair, skin translucent and sinews visible in the harshness of their bathroom light— or in the physical act of handling a postcard sized book of drawings, paper and mylar portraits resting on a square of bedsheet from my partners bed, the viewer becomes increasingly aware of their shifting perspective and relationship to the subjects depicted. In the same way that a nipple floating on a warm and breathing chest can appear an entire landscape, magnified by closeness the intimacy of our perspective both transforms and reveals.

    Through the devotional act of rendering and the craft of fine printing I am looking to reclaim a part of the history of representation and find expression beyond my own personal life to create a shared moment of compassion.